Graphic Design & Print Media

The quality of your printed materials infers the quality of your business.
Highstreet can design brochures, postcards, catalogs, calendars
and more that will draw in customers.

Hard At Work For You Graphic Design &
Print Media

Great graphic design can make a marketing piece. Bad design can waste not only your current efforts but destroy all of your previous marketing equity that you’ve built up over time.

Design that is edgy or stretches boundaries gets plenty of attention, but does it get the message across? And, ultimately, does it sell more product or produce the results that you were looking for?

Hard At Work For You Highstreet’s Graphic Design Benefits

Improving your Google Maps ranking through these steps gives your business advantages over the competition.

Grab a customer’s attention with bold visuals.

Create recall for when a customer needs the product or service.

Increase sales and profits.

Tie all of your advertising and marketing pieces together to create a branding suite.

Develop a strong brand for your company.

Add professional tools for your sales force.


At Highstreet Advertising, we focus first on function by making sure all of the elements of great marketing materials are in place (clear and simple copy, layout, correct size and shape, exceptional images, and stunning graphic elements).

We don’t create marketing pieces to win awards, those come after the fact. We do create collateral materials to serve a distinct purpose and meet sales/marketing goals.

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Hard At Work For You Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you get your photos for brochures and other collateral materials?
We encourage clients to provide photos of their business including personnel, action shots, before and after projects, etc. When a client doesn’t have photos, we can help them by taking the photos that they need. When all else fails, we supplement the missing photos with stock images.
How much does it cost to design print materials for my company?
Each print design project is individually priced based on the amount of time that we feel it will take to meet client goals and project tasks. We provide free project proposals that include estimates and completion timelines.
Can you use graphics for both websites and print?

Yes, we can copy the same style for both your website and your branding print materials. There is a huge difference in the resolution needed for digital versus print. In digital, the resolution only need to be 72 dots per inch (dpi). For print, the resolution needs to be 300 dpi. It’s much easier to start with a higher resolution and downsave than it is to start with a lower resolution and try to recreate a higher resolution.

WIll you do a free mockup of a project before you are hired?
Simple answer, no. We don’t do spec work in the hope that we will be hired for a project. Feel free to take a look at our portfolio here on our website or hold tangible examples of our work when we meet to discuss the project.
What do the terms RGB and CMYK stand for and why are they important?
RGB are the colors that your computer screen, your digital camera, and your television use to make different colors. RGB stand for Red, Green and Blue. CMYK stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black and is used in the printing process. Process printing combines these four colors to make any color on the spectrum. These are important so that you design graphics to fit your medium. A RGB graphic can look much different when it’s converted to CMYK and vice versa.
How long will the job take to design?
Each job is different and so is each deadline. As the client, you should give plenty of time for your project, so that Highstreet has the proper time to be creative and design to the needs of the project. If your deadline is very short, we will do everything we can to meet your timeline. Bare in mind that there are limitations, especially when print is involved. We like to give our printers 10 full business days for the printing of each project.