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Highstreet Marketing has 40 Years of big ideas, experience, and tremendous dedication to our clients.

Meet Our Talented Group Of Marketing Specialists


The President-e

Ohhh yeah, step into the spotlight with JT Hochstrasser, the big cheese, the top dog, the President and owner of Highstreet Advertising, the digital marketing powerhouse, brother! For a quarter century, this man has been the guiding force for businesses, consulting and leading them to the promised land of success. And now, dig it, his eyes are set on the prize, helping owners boost their bottom line, sky’s the limit, by hooking new customers with the slickest online ads, mastering SEO, and dominating Google Maps. He’s the cream of the crop in the digital world, and he’s rising to the top, ohhh yeah!


Marketing & Content Specialist

Oh yeah! Let me tell you about Leonard, brother! He’s not just any ordinary graphic designer, oh no! Leonard is a powerhouse of creativity, a content creator extraordinaire, and the master of all things Google Business Profile and social media, dig it!

But that’s not all, folks! Leonard is a video production maestro! He can handle every aspect of the process, from filming to post-production editing. His videos will knock you off your feet and leave you begging for more, oh yeah!

Now, listen up! Leonard graduated and obtained his bachelor’s degree program in Graphic Design at The Los Angeles Film School, and he’s tearing through it like a tornado of talent. He’s also no stranger to success, brother. He earned his associate’s degree in digital design from Pierce College back in August 2019, and he did it with style, making the dean’s list for academic excellence!


Web Manager w/ Marketing Focus

Introducing the versatile and creative wizard, Dennis! He possesses a remarkable skill set that makes the digital realm his playground. With expertise in web design and development, graphic design, photography, video production, and editing, he effortlessly brings visions to life. Dennis also has an uncanny mastery of Google Platforms and knows the secret ways of social media marketing.

Graduating from Pierce College Fort Steilacoom in Lakewood back in June 2019, Dennis proudly holds an Associates in Digital Design. When he’s not crafting digital masterpieces, you can find him indulging in his passions. Whether it’s kicking a soccer ball on the field, capturing cinematic moments with his trusty camera, unleashing his artistic flair in design, cruising along the waterfront, or whipping up delicious culinary creations, Dennis lives life with a zest that matches his boundless creativity.



Rhoni is the bookkeeper. She has worked at Highstreet since 1998.

She keeps us and the clients inline. Rhoni does this by managing estimates, invoices, vendor accounts and accounts receivable (ie. collecting your money). Highstreet appreciates her attention to detail and knowledge of the advertising industry.

Rhoni’s passions are theater, her two adorable puppies and date nights with her husband Bob.


Office Administrator

Meet Vicki, the dynamo behind the scenes at HighStreet Advertising!  As the office admin she brings her organizational prowess to the heart of our creative hub.  She keeps our office in check, oh yeah!

Vicki has a legendary experience in the insurance industry, where she rocked over a decade in different roles. She switched to Highstreet to join the thrilling world of advertising. She digs being part of a dynamic and diverse team, where she can back up the awesome work of our marketing maestros! 

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Highstreet Marketing  has been helping businesses with their marketing services for over 40 years. We have helped businesses throughout the Puget Sound and the USA.


Some of the best creative ideas come from smaller agencies because they are more flexible and able to make things quickly happen. Whether it’s branding, graphic design, websites, advertising or special projects, Highstreet gets the job done efficiently and effectively. Call us for a free consultation today.