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Let people get an inside look at your products and services or hear testimonials from your customers. Highstreet can create videos for YouTube, social media, website, and commercial use.

Dynamic way to showcase your business, to tell a story, and to ask for a call to action.

Search engines like Google favor video over other mediums.

Each video can have multiple uses including website, social media, and YouTube channel.

4k video for crystal clear images shown in high resolution.

Panasonic GH5 as the primary and Panasonic G85 as the secondary camera for professional imaging.

Hard At Work For You Why Video Marketing?

Once you have a marketing plan created and you’ve started on its implementation, your next step is video marketing. Here are some staggering facts about video and why you should consider it for social media, blogs, a website, and possibly even your own video channel*:


Is the number of daily video-views on Facebook.


Is by how much mobile video-views increase every year.


Is the percentage of people who view videos daily


Is the percentage of users who say videos are helpful in making purchase decisions.

Hard At Work For You Advantages of Video Marketing

Videos for Youtube and your Brand’s Marketing

Our team specializes in capturing high-quality 4K footage on site. To ensure the final product meets your specific needs, we offer pre-production services such as script development, storyboarding, and creating a shot list.

Our video capabilities include a wide range of styles and formats, such as interview-style, testimonials, training videos, business activity snippets, product demonstrations, and architectural and machinery footage. We work closely with clients to understand their unique vision and tailor our approach accordingly

Animated Videos for Social Media

Animated videos services are a powerful tool for businesses and organizations of all types. They are an engaging and dynamic way to communicate your message, tell your story, and promote your brand. Animated videos can be used to explain complex products or services, promote a new product launch, or train employees.

Hard At Work For You Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use video in my marketing?
Google loves video and weights it more than static images in its website SEO scores. Also, Google owns YouTube, one of the most viewed web channels on the planet. Research suggests that video posts have 3xs more view rate than static posts.
What is the cost of video or photography?
All projects are unique and require a different amount of manpower and computer time. We base every project on the number of hours we feel the project would take to complete in a reasonable amount of time. Highstreet would love the opportunity of discussing your needs and goals in a free consultation. The information that you provide to us will help us develop a free estimate and action plan.
What format do you shoot in for video?
We shoot in 4k video. This video is high enough resolution that we can crop and ‘zoom’ into a section and still save into the 1080p video format. This is the current standard size for websites and still work well for YouTube and other video websites. We export our video in common formats including .mp4 and .mov.
What programs do you edit in?
We edit video using Adobe Premier for the more complex videos and iMovie for those that require more simple edits. We also use Apple Quicktime for quick trimming and exporting in different size formats. For creating quick videos from blogs, we use proprietary software that formats videos for social media.