Online Business Listings

Consistent information in online business
listings improves your ranking on search results pages

Hard At Work For You Benefits of Online Business Listings

*Does not include the time to setup these listings.

Many listings are free* for basic information and they increase chances of potential clients finding your business.

Cost Effective

Your business shows in multiple sites and creates backlinks, which makes your site seem more credible to search engines.

SEO Booster

Your business’ name shows up in more places, enhancing your visibility and brand awareness.

More Visibility

Provide extra platforms for getting reviews from customers and boosting your reputation


Allow you to target specific customers or audiences by location, category and service.

Reach your Audience

You can show who you are with photos, logos, and text.

Use Visuals

Ideas At Work Most Common Online Business Listings

These are some of the online business directory listings in which Highstreet keeps your business information up-to-date:

Apple Maps







Best of the Web





Hard At Work For You Online Listings Bring You Business

Have you ever heard of Hotfrog before? Well, Google has.

What Google Search does is reference other sites, which includes online business directories listings such as Hot Frog. Those sites get many hits and are reliable sources providing backlinks to your site, helping your search engine optimization (SEO).

The problem is that some of those listings pull your data from other sources, and sometimes it results in misspellings, a wrong address or phone number and inconsistent business hours. Bad listings and duplicates hurt your business, but soo does not having listings at all.

Highstreet will claim your listings and make sure your business information (i.e. description, address, phone number, website link etc.) is consistent throughout multiple online business listings. This benefits your SEO and you rank higher on Google and other search engines.