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Hard At Work For You Pay-Per-Click Advertising Benefits

Opting to pay only when someone clicks on your ad is one of the greatest advantages that PPC has over general branding delivered by cost per thousand impressions (CPM). CPM charges you whether someone clicks on your ad or not. If your main goal is brand awareness, we can also create brand awareness campaigns based on CPM.

Pay Per Click

Another tool that comes with PPC products is that you can rack which advertisements, keywords, and ad placements are driving the most return on your advertising dollars. The result is that these metrics allow for adjustments to optimize your campaign, reduce your costs, and increase your efficiencies.

Measurable and Trackable

Unlike SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which can take months to show results, PPC efforts can make an impact on your ROI almost immediately. Depending how you set up and manage your campaigns, you can achieve increased traffic and conversions the next day.

Faster Results

Select your audience according to characteristics such as location, gender, language, interests and device (mobile vs desktop). With some PPC products, you can create target audiences based on your current customers.

Targeting Options

The power of PPC is that you can set how much you are willing to pay for one click and choose a daily budget. The price for the keywords you chose depends on the competitive bid for them.

Budget Flexibility

As with most advertising, PPC makes people aware of your brand and establish your business as a leader in your industry. That way, when customers are ready to purchase, they will remember you.

Brand Exposure

Get a second chance to sell. Target potential customers who have already visited your website and keep them engaged with your brand until they are ready to buy.


Test keywords and advertisements to identify which ones will drive the most return. Testing helps you determine which combinations increase click-through rate (CTR) and aimed conversions.

Test and Optimize

Drive relevant traffic to your website. With the right strategy, you can target buyers who are looking for your products and services, and ready to close a deal.

Traffic Source

Hard At Work For You Achieve Effective Pay-Per-Click Advertising Campaigns with Highstreet

Pay-Per-Click Advertising is a type of digital marketing in which advertisers pay a fee each time someone clicks their ad. The most popular form of PPC is Search Engine Advertising, where advertisers bid for keywords and ad placement.

How and where your ads are delivered depends on how much you are willing to pay for each click per search query and on how well-structured and managed your campaigns, ad groups and ads are.

Are you ready to achieve higher conversions and results from your Pay-Per-Click Advertising? Highstreet will set up, monitor and manage your campaigns to bring you relevant clicks at the lowest cost possible.

Hard At Work For You Frequently Asked Questions

What is pay per click (PPC)?
Pay per click is a form of online (digital) advertising that is found in either a text, display, or video format. The PPC ads’ main priority is that when it is clicked, drives traffic by taking potential customers to a website or landing page related to the ad that is running.

When customers search for certain services or products in the search bar, ads are delivered on the page along with other content (other PPC ads and naturally occurring website pages). The advertiser only pays when the ads are clicked on, thus the term Pay Per Click.

Where are Pay Per Click (PPC) ads shown on the internet?
Pay Per Click (PPC) ads are delivered on many different online outlets. The biggest players are Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Bing, and many of the News websites. Amazon has recently started showing Pay Per Click ads.

Any website that has agreed to be a part of the Google network will also display PPC ads and get a part of the revenue when an ad is clicked on.

Where should we run PPC ads?
Ads should be displayed where your target audience will be viewing them. The most obvious place is Google. Google has almost 90% of all search traffic and with little effort, ads can be started the same day they are set up.

Other web channels make sense if you’re targeted different age groups and segments of the population. Highstreet Advertising can help you determine where the best place will be for your ads.

What are the benefits of running PPC ads?
Unlike print advertising, which was very costly because ads have to be printed on paper for a specific quantity, Pay Per Click ads are digital and don’t use an expensive resource to be delivered. PPC is very flexible in both cost, copy, and delivery.

A daily budget can be set and ads can be paused or started when needed. Ads can have multiple versions and Google (or other provider) will the deliver the ads that are performing the best to the potential client.

Ads can be delivered to general areas or very specific zip codes. This comes in handy when you are trying to own all of Tacoma or just a small area around a shopping center.

What are the different parts of a PPC ad?

Most PPC ads are very basic. They allow for a simple headline, a display URL (your website address), destination URL (which page on your website will the ad go to), and a description about your business or the services that you are highlighting. All of these are very limited to character count, Google limits headlines to 25 characters (including spaces) per line.