At Highstreet, we specialize in building WordPress websites using the Divi theme. It is highly customizable, easy for clients to use and the developers are consistently coming out with updates to improve and expand its capability. As much as we enjoy using WordPress, Divi, and other themes, updates can break your site, even if you are keeping an eye on things.

The recent release of WordPress 5.5 has highlighted what can happen when you are working with older themes and plugins that have not been updated (either by you or the developer). At Highstreet, we offer WordPress security and Maintenance plans, managing over 30+ websites.

WordPress 5.5 broke my website!

We recently had a phone call from a business owner asking for help because his 25-page site with 50 blog posts, although still technically working, was not displaying the navigation. The header was just a blank white spot. The 25-page site was now a dead 1-page website. His clients were calling because they couldn’t fill out form requests or navigate the site at all.

His hosting platform had automatically updated to WordPress 5.5. Not good for him. Especially not good considering the theme was last updated in 2013. The theme itself was updated by the developer, however, the client had not been told to update the license, which meant the theme had not been updated since the site was built in 2013.

How do I fix my site?

Combine the theme update with an unsupported plugin and it broke the site. The culprit? WordPress 5.5 deprecated support for jQuery Migrate. This is a library that acts as a bridge for older code to function on WordPress.

Without jQuery Migrate to act as a bridge, the site couldn’t talk to WordPress 5.5. There is a fix! Yeah! So his site is back up and running using the plugin “Enable jQuery Migrate Helper.” (Downloaded 10,000+ times in the last week.)

The developers said: This plugin serves as a temporary solution, enabling the migration script for your site to give your plugin and theme authors some more time to update, and test their code.

AKA: It’s time to review and update your website. If it’s a plugin, you might be able to find a newer one that does the same thing. Unsupported plugins are a security risk opening you to potential hackers. If you find the jQuery Migrate is needed for your theme, see if the developer is working on an update.

For the business owner who called us, the jQuery Migrate helper plugin did the trick for the navigation issue, but there was another plugin that had to be replaced completely.

What options do I have?

Ultimately the business owner who called us will need to decide if he wants to upgrade the current theme and fix any issues that arise from 7 years of changes to the theme, or decide to rebuild and refresh the site. At least the Enable jQuery Migrate Helper plugin has given him the opportunity to maintain his current site without having to make a crisis decision.

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