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Google Maps: Marketing to Mobile

Online Visibility, SEO, GMB If the right words are typed into a search bar, you can find something as broad as car insurance and as specific as green, special edition Air Jordan Retro 12 sneakers in size 10. Internet users perform billions of searches every day and many of those searches are performed from smartphones. That means that a lot of people are performing searches on-the-go. Search engines determine what results to present based on the location of the search query and often show results on a map. If you show up on the map, you’re one step closer to your potential customers. If you’re advertising your business, you could be saving money by investing in your Google Maps listing and boosting your online visibility. 

Google Maps Goes Beyond SEO 

How often do you “Google” your business? Is it hard to find your business when you search in general terms? Take a moment to search for your industry and see where your name comes up in the results. If you’re not on the first page, try searching for your industry and location. Still don’t see your business? That’s not the end of the world. You may need to improve the SEO of your website, but you can gain a lot of business by simply showing up in a search. 

Advertise by Making Your Business Visible

One thing you can do to show up in a Google search is to claim your business on Google Maps through Google My Business. We’d recommend spending some time on Google trying to find the search terms that bring up your business. You can start by searching for a list of the “best keywords for [your industry].” Usually, you can find a few lists of popular keywords with very little effort.

Once you’ve found the terms that work for your business, you can use those terms in the written portions of your Google My Business listing. For example, you can write a post about your business and include keywords in the title and content of the post. Work them into the text in ways that seem natural. Google will index that information and label your business as a relevant resource when people search for those terms. Over time, with consistent posts and the right keywords, you should see your listing move up in the search results as well as your overall online visibility. Adding photos and reviews to your listing can also help tremendously. 

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