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Learn what Our Highstreet Experts are doing to get you to the top!

JT and the Highstreet Team are a local SEO expert agency, and they are giving you a training guide on the best ways to rank on Google Maps and land you new organic clients. The training guide provides a wealth of knowledge and actionable strategies.

They dive deep into the intricate workings of Google Maps, shedding light on the algorithmic factors that influence rankings. By gaining a thorough understanding of these factors, Highstreet can make informed decisions and implement effective optimization techniques.


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It was great to connect with you at the Sears & Seattle Injury Law Personal Injury Summit. To explore the secret sauce of Google Maps ranking and marketing, sign up with Highstreet for your SEO Bonus Training. We offer comprehensive guidance on optimizing your Google Maps presence. Additionally, Highstreet provides a range of marketing services to boost your online visibility and drive business growth. Let us help you achieve top rankings and attract new clients with our expert strategies.

Claiming your Google My Business page & being listed in Google Maps will bring your business new customers & put you ahead of the competition. Highstreet can help improve your bottom line.


Google Map Ranking

Your brand tells people about your company without you saying a word. Highstreet can provide brand analysis and positioning, logo design, and style guides to portray your desired image.


Branding & Logo Design

Build a digital presence that gives customers confidence in your company. Whether it’s a new website or a redesign, Highstreet can make your site stand out from the crowd.


Custom Website Design

To be at the top you have to give the people, and the search engines, what they want. Highstreet can improve your ranking by optimizing the structure and content of your site.



(Search Engine Optimization)

Turn searches into business with Google AdWords and Facebook campaigns that fit your budget. Highstreet can set up, monitor, and manage your campaigns to make them effective.


Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising

Consistent information in online business listings improves your ranking on search results pages. Highstreet can update your listings in all the major online directories to bring you business.


Online Business Listings

Taking care of backups, security, and site maintenance can take time. Highstreet can do them for you with a month-to-month contract so you can focus on running your business.


Website Maintenance Plans

Drone video footage and photography gives customers a unique view of your location or special event. Highstreet can get you the shots that will awe your customers.


Drone Video & Photography

Let people get an inside look at your products & services or hear testimonials from your customers. Highstreet can create videos for YouTube,social media,website, & commercial use.


Video Marketing

Beautiful shots of your location, products, real estate, and staff can add a lot to your website or printed materials. Highstreet can take the shots that will make your business look great.


Professional Photography

Promote your business and engage with customers through social media/online business pages. Highstreet can set up and maintain your pages so you can focus on running your business.


Social Media Marketing

The quality of your printed materials infers the quality of your business. Highstreet can design brochures, postcards, catalogs, calendars and more that will draw in customers.


Graphic Design

& Printed Media


Attract New Clients with Organic SEO.

Google Maps rankings are shaped by a multitude of elements. The importance and impact of each element can vary over time due to the dynamic algorithms employed by Google. We know key factors to take into account when optimizing your Google Maps rankings.