Maintaining your digital profile — do you have access to logos, logins, passwords, and emails for your business?

Collecting a client’s information. 

Having a digital footprint for your business is key. However managing all the needed files, logins, passwords, emails and accounts can be overwhelming. One of the biggest hurdles and time consuming details we run into at Highstreet Advertising is the lack of knowledge a client has concerning their account information. 

Before we begin a project.

WordPress websites, Google My Business / Maps, Google Ads, Facebook Ads and other digital based projects require a certain amount of information before a project can even begin.

Below is a short checklist to jumpstart the process. 

  • Your logo as an .ai or .eps file. At least a highest resolution .png with transparency. You SHOULD have your logo as a vector file (.ai / .eps)
  • Google Analytics/ Google Search Console / Google My Business gmail and password or admin/manager access. 
  • Social Media profile names, login and password (fb/instagram/twitter/linkedin)
  • Web host and domain name provider – login information, including pin codes (or delegate access provided).
  • WordPress Theme and Plugin Licenses – if Highstreet is maintaining your current website and/or making changes, most often the theme requires a license for updates. You can use it without the license, but it cannot be updated for security. Same applies for any paid plugins.

What to do with your collected information

There are a variety of storage options that we recommend to keep the data safe but accessible. Most businesses use dropbox as a free or paid account, or a google drive account. Both of these allow you to share documents, allow multiple people access, and can be updated from anywhere.

At Highstreet Advertising, when a project is completed, we create and provide you with, a word document with all your information. You can download a pdf of our checklist to help you collect your business’ digital profile.

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