Why good logo design is important


With the right logo, you can say everything you need to without actually writing a single word. A logo can convey feelings such as trust, excellence, honor, integrity, and pride. It can even demonstrate the company’s values through its good graphical representation. Logos can evoke a sense of connection between consumers and a brand. They can establish a bond between the company and the community that they serve. Ultimately, your logo communicates your company’s value to the target audience. 

Is your logo memorable? Is it trying to communicate something?

The point of a logo is not only what it looks like, but how good it is at attracting the attention of both the current customer base and potential future customers as well. Once you have that attention, is your logo memorable? Is it trying to communicate something?  Many people assume that you can’t have a stylish, well-designed logo without a big budget, but this isn’t true. One of the most sure-fire ways to achieve the unity between style and function is to choose a symbol for your logo that well-represents your business. 


Your logo should be shaped and colored in a way that will be memorable to people that see it. In order to do this, a good tip is to start with what is familiar and then build upon that. Using bright colors can grab people’s attention, and using more understated colors can convey a sense of professionalism and intelligence. An experienced graphic designer can help you decide what works best for your business needs. A business owner can choose an image that best represents their company to start. For example, a florist could use a flower as their logo. We here at Highstreet have a creative process that can take simple ideas, like a flower, and turn them into something magical.  

Logo-creation is a job that requires precision and care. You should have a good understanding of color theory as well. Different colors have different meanings associated with them. If the logo ends up being difficult-to-understand and not accessible, cryptic instead of coherent, or unclear rather than obvious, then it is likely that consumers will not understand the logo- in other words, the logo has failed at its purpose. When we work with you to design your company’s logo, we have years of experience and we like to use a collaborative process to help us find success. We want our clients to be involved in the design and critique process as that ensures a win-win graphic design solution. 


An important thing that people should consider is that commerce should not be sacrificed for the sake of artistry. A fancy design may look nice from an artist perspective, but if it does not reflect the essence of your brand, then it is not the right logo for you. A hard thing for some business owners to understand is that your logo isn’t there to make you feel good, the intention of a logo is to communicate your company’s value to the target audience. A design should attract customers, not distract them. You need to make sure that people can decipher your logo and know what your company is about.

a good logo is able to quickly grab the attention of anyone that sees it, as well as communicate the main values of your company

So, why is a logo so important? Firstly, a logo grabs attention. Many people nowadays have short attention spans, and companies have about two seconds to convince people that could potentially be customers that they should consider your company’s products. This is where a good logo is essential: a good logo is able to quickly grab the attention of anyone that sees it, as well as communicate the main values of your company. Short attention spans can cause consumers to judge brands at first glance, but you can use this to your advantage if you have a well-crafted logo. 

example of a good logo

When a business has successful branding, it conveys a story that can influence consumers. Although logo design is just one piece of a company’s brand, it can serve as the base of your brand’s narrative that you can build upon. The fonts, shapes, and colors that you employ in your logo design should be selected with consideration for the story that you are trying to tell with your logo. 


With a good logo, you can separate your company from the competition. Your logo should go the extra mile and be different from the flock so that it can tell the consumers why your company is unique. There may be other companies similar to yours in your local area, but your logo can show what makes you different from the others. With a well-designed logo, a company can communicate a variety of things, such as the company’s mission and their background. Not only can a quality logo show consumers why you are better than your competitors, it can also convey your company’s values. 


One often-overlooked reason for needing a good logo is that consumers have come to expect it. The first thing that people will look for when trying to figure out what your company is about is your logo, so you need to ensure that it is front and center on marketing materials such as advertisements, business cards, company vehicles, and flyers. If you don’t have a logo that stands out, then you are missing a valuable opportunity to help make your business more memorable to potential consumers. 


Good logos can also leave a great first impression. You only have one chance to get a first impression right. If your logo is designed well, then it will be able to pique the interest of anyone who sees it, and invite them to take a closer look into your company. Your first impression is how you can show what niche your company occupies, and which products or services you offer. Your company’s logo should introduce your brand as an authority in what it does. 


As you can see, it is essential that your company has a logo. When you work with Highstreet Advertising, designing a logo that looks professional and is functional does not need to be a complicated process. We will listen to your needs, and take the time to understand your company so that we can create a logo that best represents your brand to reach your target audience. Our experienced graphic designers are excited and ready to help design your logo so reach out today!