The Design Process

With 27 years of experience we have worked with many clients and have found that by implementing a design process we can make the best use of your time while ensuring efficiency of billing time.

Our process can be summated in four steps.

Step 1 – Concept Development

Our mission is to get to know you and your business. Once we are through fact finding, we craft a brand position concept to shape the direction and tone of your marketing piece.

Step 2 – Copy “Targeting”

Next, our highly experienced team will use their knowledge to target your copy to the appropriate demographic, creating a powerful message that will drive response from your customers.

Step 3 – Design & Proofing

Once the message is ready, our designers will design a piece that is unique to you, and your business, the result being a bold, appealing, and professional product.

Step 4 – Your Final Product

Once you’ve approved your proofs, you’re job will go to production. The best part – your entire project is managed by Highstreet so you can relax knowing that your final product will be first-rate.

For more information about Highstreet and how we can help you, call 253-845-0230 or send us an email via our contact form.