Our Experience

Dedication is the one word that describes Highstreet’s small, but highly talented team. We revel in our ability to pool our talents and resources to deliver a great (and many times better) product than larger firms. Highstreet is able to compete with the larger firms and perform at this level because of our knowledge and experience.


Key Personnel


Jeffrey L. Hochstrasser is the owner and president of the company. Before starting Highstreet Advertising, Jeff’s first 10 years were in radio. He started as a disc jockey and also did voice-over talent. Later he moved into the production and sales side. This experience was invaluable when Jeff opened the doors to his own advertising agency.


Jeffrey T. Hochstrasser is the vice president of the company. He has placed over 1.5 million dollars in print advertising and over 3 million dollars in radio as a media buyer. For 10 years Jeffrey has been the lead in purchasing outdoor media and cable for clients at Highstreet. His responsibilities include maintaining client relations, working with local printers, managing all media placement, and helping with strategic advertising development.


Katie Zech is the creative director for Highstreet Advertising. She has a wide spectrum of knowledge and experience in all things digital, print, and video. Katie utilizes her deadline-orientated journalism training to create and manage production schedules, contribute to writing and editing pieces, and in the layout and design process of client magazines and newsletters.