Digital Marketing

The world is changing, especially the advertising world. In addition to traditional media, Highstreet helps clients reach their target markets through non-traditional ways of advertising. This can be anything from online advertising, e-mails, blogs, and more.

Blogs- Short for web logs. This really is a revolution in freedom of the press and the ability to deliver through the Internet. People can voice their opinions and post them for the whole world to read. Many companies have set up company blogs to get public opinion about their products or services. Others read existing blogs to see what the public is saying about products, companies, individuals, etc.

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Podcasting- This form of communication is just now finding ways for advertisers to capitalize on the popularity of it. Podcasting is really a way to seek out and find programs that are of specific interest to each individual and have them download them and listen at their own convenience, with news programs automatically received if desired.
Our client, Tacoma Cat, podcasts about a variety of cat related issues and has generated a following since Highstreet launched its site two years ago.

Viral Marketing- This can be in the form of videos, jokes, or favorite websites that are passed on from person to person. BKs subservient chicken was a great example of this. Things found on YouTube are the latest craze to pass around.
Hiatt-Pontiac GM posted commercials produced by Highstreet, on YouTube to generate interest.