Search Engine Optimization

We can improve your ranking by optimizing the structure and content of your site.

What is Search Engine Optimization or


To be at the top you have to give the people, and the search engines what they want. We meet with clients or potential clients many times a month and the question always comes up–What is SEO or Search Engine Optimization? And why do I need it?

 Our answer is simple–SEO is making a website as friendly as possible for Google so that it will index your site and refer to it when people are searching for certain topics.

With basic website information, Highstreet is able to provide a complete website SEO plan. Contact us for a free evaluation.

Search Engine Optimization Help

With new websites we build at Highstreet, our philosophy is to create the best foundation possible for the building blocks of SEO. Those building blocks start with the basics: title, meta description and focus keyword for every page. Next is headings (H1 and H2) that relate to the page content and that also contain the focus keyword.

We structure the page so that on the on-page content clearly express your ideas to readers yet also includes keywords and phrases that Google’s users are typing in the search bar. Images are also integral to the foundation and should be optimized for file size, as well as have “alt tags” to aid Google in “seeing” what your images are about.

SEO Optimization

Ideas At Work Page Speed is Part of the SEO Foundation

Google loves a fast website and rewards you for making your site fast. New websites that Highstreet builds are also optimized so that they load quickly on mobile phones, tablets, and desktop computers. One aspect of this speed is image file optimization.

Photoshop can “save for web”, but even accurate “save for web” sizing and compression is not enough. We install a plugin on every site we build that “squishes” the file size without losing the quality of the image.

At each stage of development, Highstreet custom web designers use online tools to measure the site’s loading times and then make appropriate adjustments.

Hard At Work For You Benefits of Proper SEO

A search engine optimized site provides the following benefits:

Increased web traffic

Better return on investment over the long term over Google Ads and Pay Per Click (PPC)

Trackable and quantifiable results

Stronger brand awareness, which will create a robust and enhanced name for your company in the marketplace

More cost effective than many other types of marketing and advertising (cold calling, direct mail, traditional and other forms of digital media)

Hard At Work For You Optimizing Sites Built by Other Companies

Often we are approached by clients who need help with their current WordPress website. It financially doesn’t make sense to build a new site from scratch, yet the developer did not correctly build their SEO foundation.

To give an example, we recently optimized a website that reduced images on the home page from 29 mb to 2 mb! This alone increased their load time and overall speed score tremendously.

WordPress websites are built on the same operating system structure, but the theme used handles the content differently. Highstreet evaluates each site and provides a detailed plan along with the associated cost for our services.